Procrastination to Massive Action- 10 Tips to Establish a Record of Completions

Procrastinators: Leaders of Tomorrow, the t-shirt phrase puts it right into perspective. If you want to lead a fulfilling life you have to get moving today on the tasks that will make the difference. Whether you suffer from the procrastination bug in one area or throughout your life the following ten tips can help take you from paralysis to achievement.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
Begin- Enough said. No more excuses. Just get started. Inaction causes anxiety. Perceptions often shift once you begin and are making progress. So suck it up and take that very first step. You will feel much better once progressing.

Mini Step- Do what you know you can do. Great accomplishments are achieved through an abundance of small actions. Break the task as far down as needed, even if it seems ridiculous, in order to progress forward. Take one step at a time.

If you want to make an easy job seem hard, just keep putting off doing it.
Set Deadlines- Set a timer for a small block of time you know you can commit to such as 15-20 minutes. Eliminate distractions as much as possible. This small block of focused action can help you to move toward your goals and away from procrastination. Work productively. Allow what you accomplish to motivate you to continue taking steps.

Focus on the End Result- Instead of thinking about what you are resisting focus on how great you will feel at the end. What is your motivation? What will you gain? Allow that to motivate you daily into action all the way through to completion.

Be Honest- Perceptions can be misleading. We can make things seem harder than what they really are. Instead of telling yourself the typical procrastination excuse, be candid. Get to know yourself better. The better you know yourself the greater chance of aligning with goals and work that you can be excited about. Get down to the source, the real issue behind the procrastination. Ask:
In what area(s) am I procrastinating?
Do I really want to do this or is it an unappealing task?
Is a fear holding me back? If so, fear of what?
Am I overwhelmed, indecisive, or lacking information to move forward?
Like identifying an illness, once you get to the source you can create a strategy to overcome it.**

Someday is not a day of the week.
Except No Excuses, Only Results- Life is bumpy. The more action you take the more you learn how to handle and avoid bumps in the road. So don’t stop and sit along the side. Keep on! You will gain knowledge, experience, courage, and feel a sense of progress, growth, and accomplishment. Take lots of purposeful action.

Do the Toughest Task First- Get the action you resist most out of the way first thing in the morning. It will help add energy, motivation, confidence, and good, fuzzy feelings to the rest of the day.

Get a Support and Accountability Partner- Find that special someone, a friend, support group, or hire a business or life coach or other professional depending on what you want to accomplish, that will provide encouragement and support to stay on track. We accomplish more with support and accountability. When we struggle an accountability partner can remind us of what we have to gain.

The path to success is to take massive, determined action.
Keep a Victory Log- Building a record of completions step-by-step builds confidence as you view your progress. It provides motivation to take more action. Simply jot down in one place the tasks you complete in working toward your goal(s) and notice your success rate expand.

Fuel Your Body- Caring for your body by making healthy food choices, drinking lots of water, exercising, taking rejuvenation breaks throughout the day, and getting a good night’s sleep can improve your willingness to do what needs to be done. Add the fuel you need for peak performance to make the most of each day

How to Remove Toxic People From Your Life

I’ve had to cut plenty of people out of my life, especially in the last few years.

I’ve separated myself from past friends, girlfriends, and even employers.

These were people, places, and things that I needed to separate myself from in order to continue growing and progressing on my path.

This was required in order to allow my strengths in other areas to improve by giving them more attention, and thus prioritizing my own potential over complacency and fear-driven living.

Because of those decisions, I’ve enabled myself to experience some incredibly rapid self-growth. This growth has proven to be infinitely more beneficial in the long run than any of the aggravation brought on by keeping incongruent people in my life. Don’t allow yourself to feel unnecessarily irresponsible or guilty for stepping up for once in your life and dictating an environmental change for the better, simply because other people object.

Remember: you only have ONE LIFE TO LIVE. It makes zero sense to spend your finite time doing things you’d rather NOT be doing simply because you’re too timid to step beyond the box of other people’s conditioned social expectations.

People are going to object to things you do your entire life, whether you actually enjoy doing the things they’re objecting over or not. Wouldn’t it make more sense to start doing what genuinely excites and inspires you, and let people, who will always find something to object to, say whatever they want?

What seems more intelligent? Learning to increase your tolerance for people who don’t truly belong in your life in the first place, or removing them and negating the stimulus all together?

Think deeply and be honest with yourself on this one.

“It’s not the daily increase, but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.” -Bruce Lee

Identifying Toxic People

It’s been said that you are the sum total of the five people you surround yourself with most frequently.

Who do you spend the most time around?

Are they coworkers who could care less about your true goals and aspirations?

Is it an unsupportive significant other who’s hell-bent on projecting their own fears and insecurities onto you?

Is it your parents who insist you “get with the program” and get a boring day job so you can be “normal” and they can brag about you with their coworkers, because their own lives and careers are boring as hell?

More importantly: how can you tell if someone’s toxic to your life or not?

Here’s a hint: if it requires more mental and emotional energy to merely tolerate said person and their behavior, while they constantly attempt to downplay your true goals and aspirations – versus genuinely enjoying their company and having a fruitful, beneficial, consciousness growth experience together – you’re probably dealing with a less-than-ideal acquaintance.

The truth is, these people could be anyone.

This includes people that you once considered friends, close acquaintances, and in some extreme cases – immediate family members. What’s worse than these people potentially being so close to you isn’t that you’ve got a past or emotional ties with them – it’s that they can directly contribute to the indefinite delay of your goals and ambitions.

I’ve had to make many a tough call on my own path to self-fulfillment. I’m infamous for running tests with new environments and habits for 30-90 days, then switching gears instantly. Some people would call this foolish, but I feel it’s just the opposite.

Spending more time than necessary around people and places that aren’t contributing to your growth – or even worse, are directly contributing to your decline – is both unwise and emotionally taxing in the long run. I’ve had plenty of experiences where people and places start out just fine, but within that first 30 days I can immediately tell if that path is congruent or detrimental to what I’m trying to achieve in the long run.

Remember: you only have ONE LIFE TO LIVE. It makes zero sense to spend your finite time doing things you’d rather NOT be doing simply because you’re too timid to step beyond the box of other people’s conditioned social expectations.

“I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you’re not in this world to live up to mine.” -Bruce Lee

This is why this area needs to be approached with clarity, intelligence, and conscious understanding and intent.

It’s Up to You to Make Moves Here

If people around you are a contributing factor to your lousy mood and attitude towards life, then you need to make your first consciously empowering decision and choose to remove them from your life.

There’s no need to make this more complicated than it needs to be.

Coming up with all sorts of reasons and excuses as to why you can’t do this or why you shouldn’t do this is moving in the exact opposite direction.

Excuses are for people who are too afraid to follow through with conscious decision making.

Excuses are most likely why you’re attracting people who are incongruent with you: you’re not being genuine to yourself or the universe, so how can you expect anything less than an incongruent match?

If you remove the root cause of your aggravation, then you have zero excuses left to blame for being aggravated. Many people will keep incongruent people in their reality simply as a reason to complain about something, because in truth they’re too terrified to take true initiative towards the changes they want to experience in their life.

This follows the environmental reinforcement method that I speak about in my upcoming book “How to Overcome Negative Thinking”. It’s up to you and you only to make the effort required to improve your personal situation. Yes, certain people may be responsible for setting you off over a long period of time, but it’s ultimately your decision to react towards them.

Letting People Know They Aren’t Welcome in Your Reality Any Longer

You may wish to remove or disassociate with any number of people for any number of reasons. The reasons almost don’t even matter beyond a certain point, because anyone that’s holding you back in any way, shape, or form shouldn’t even be considered an an acquaintance in your reality experience – much less an asset for growth and progress.

In truth, these people actually are an asset. They’re an asset in the sense that they’re showing you first-hand exactly what types of people you don’t want hanging around in your consciousness, sucking up all of your vital creative and emotional energy. This is precious energy that needs to be redirected and used in more intelligent and industrious ways – and not spent on petty, fruitless drama that does little but keep everyone swimming in circles.

This can be somewhat difficult for people to hear, but you really do need to be blunt here. There’s absolutely no room for wishy-washy, indecisive behavior when it comes to letting people who are clearly incongruent with your life path know that they are no longer going to be part of your reality. For me personally, the majority of my aggravation has stemmed from incongruent day jobs.

I very rarely surround myself with people I suspect as being incongruent, but jobs were always a little tricker to navigate. You’re never in direct control of who they bring in or move out, so you’re at the mercy of an ever-changing environment. Since we all know money is an incredibly weak motivator for me, I bet you can imagine how many times I’ve jumped ship and changed my surroundings.

Some will call this foolish and irresponsible, but again I think it’s the exact opposite. You can’t take any of your money (or the possessions it allows you to acquire) with you upon death. Why do people insist that prioritizing the collection and protection of things which will ultimately end up as dust as being the smartest way to live? Why would you put yourself through the emotional blender over and over again just so you can pay for things? Sure, you need to pay for shelter, food, and clothing – but haven’t you ever stopped and thought deeply to yourself “There HAS to be an easier way than this!”?

Well, there is. It all begins with having the courage to live consciously, and allowing your true passions to guide you towards taking inspired action. People who play martyr and suffer through unappealing work because they are too terrified to express courage consciously are seriously misinterpreting the game of life. I used to be one of those people, and I can’t fathom how I tolerated that mindset for as long as I did.

Consciously accept that you need to take personal effort to initiate the cause of the change required to bring about the result you desire.

This is no different than goal setting.

In fact, this is a goal. The goal of cleaning up your reality and removing incongruent people from your consciousness experience!

What if People Try and Argue With Me Over My Choice?

EUR¦Then let them argue! Let them object! Let them get furious and irate! Allow them to have their reaction, because they’re going to have it anyway. By allowing them to have their reaction, you’re making a statement directly to their subconscious mind that’s saying:

“I fully accept the reality that is your reaction, and I absolutely respect your right to have said reaction. However, your choice in no way diminishes my choice to remove you from my reality. Have a great day!”

Let them react, rant, and rave all they want. When people do this, they are showing you (and themselves) exactly why you’re letting them go. It’s pretty hard to deny evidence when it’s right in front of you, and this is precisely what will piss people off even more. There are a few important things to remember here that will make this entire process go much more smoothly for you:

1. You are NOT responsible for how other people respond to your choices. This goes along the same lines as “I’m only responsible for what I say and do, not what you hear and see”. Someone has to draw the line of personal responsibility somewhereEUR¦and if nobody’s going to step up, then YOU should be the one to do so.

2. You are NOT selfish, insensitive, despondent, or sociopathic for maintaining a positive and happy attitude while deciding to let people out of your life who absolutely deserve to be. One of the greatest challenges when it comes to spiritual growth – especially in regards to the emotional centers – is in discerning what genuinely “lifts you up” and what “brings you down”.

These people are obviously bringing you down, or else there wouldn’t even be an issue. A vital step on your path of self-growth is learning that sometimes you do need to remove the sword from the stone and take a few necessary swipes at the enemy. You’re not taking out innocent villages full of women and children here: you’re combating a foe who has been hitting you over the head with a hammer over and over and over and overEUR¦stop the madness!

I used to get stepped on, walked over, used and abused by people of all types because I was pretty much a walking billboard in terms of being taken for granted. People will take, take, take, and use, use, use you until you set solid boundaries for yourself. Spare yourself the b.s. and set a strong foundation for your personal boundaries of acceptance sooner than later.

3. Understand the relief you’ll feel after you step up and take on the true responsibility required to remove said people from your life is well earned. That fresh, inviting, clean slate you’ve just created is the result of removing negative space and dead weight from your life. Celebrate your small victory, as this task is indeed growth-inducing!

An added benefit to this – like all things – is that it gets easier and more doable with time and practice. Very successful business people have to say no and remove partners and options on a daily basis, and the world continues spinning just fine. You can’t please everyone, and it’s a newbie habit and fool’s errand to attempt to do so.

Embracing Growth by Refusing Stagnation

I’d go so far as to say that getting rid of people who don’t belong in your life isn’t only liberating and self-empowering, but it also prepares you for living more consciously.

If there’s a problem in your life, you learn to step up and change it with direct personal effort.

You don’t sit around waiting for it to change on its own, in hopes that it will pass, and that all will be peaches and cream when you wake up the next day.

You learn to take initiative.

You learn to take control.

You then begin getting better and better at taking conscious initiative and control of your life circumstances as you change them to become more congruent with the type of life you wish to live and experience. This process spans across all areas of growth, it’s just unfortunate that many of us have to learn the hard way and start with areas that are causing us direct aggravation and distress.

But then again, our negative emotions and perceptions are telling us that something in our experience of reality is out of alignment with who we truly are on the deepest levels.

You can never, ever fool your subconscious mind.

It knows your true desires and wants.

You may remove the layers and layers of surface programming (limiting beliefs, conditioning, etc.) from your subconscious mind, but you can’t erase the data from the disc completely.

Your core, conscious essence is anchored in the ultimate truth of experience.

So learn to embrace your inner self-truth, and accept that you will have to do a little bit of ground work to clean up your life circumstances a bit. Look forward to the challenges: they are what cause your growth and expansion. Life is plenty challenging enough without incongruent people weighing you down. Cut the dead weight, swim to shore, and start living your life as it’s truly meant to be lived!

Using The Law Of Attraction To Build A Better Life

The use of the law of attraction has been going on for thousands of years already but has only gained popularity because of The Secret, Oprah, and several mass media outlets. The concept of the law of attraction is to attract to yourself whatever you give attention and focus on. Because of this principle, many tried to use the law of attraction to attract money and to build a better life. Apart from attracting money, the use of law of attraction to become healthy and relieve stress has been common too. However many failed when they tried to use the law of attraction work in their lives because they don’t know how to do it. Below are some of the steps you can do to have a less stressed life, and to build a better life through the law of attraction.

Record your frustrations
Make a record of all the frustrations you have encountered in your life, or the things that you would like to change in your life. These things may include a conflict in your different relationships, your partner’s behavior, or your stressful job. To be able to use the law of attraction successfully you must learn how to let go of all your frustrations and replace them with good thoughts and positive outlook.

Record all the positives
The next thing you need to do in order to use the law of attraction effectively is to create a journal. For every situation you put on your list, look for all you can think of that are positive. For instance, a difficult work can also bring the benefit of big income, personal growth, or creative challenge. You need to find reasons to turn the negative into positive. You need to put in mind that difficulties are just part of life and can be resolved with proper judgment and attitude.

Sustain a positive attitude
Being positive doesn’t mean to wear a smile on your face in tough times. Being positive means to make effort at feeling thankful for things you already have, and for the things you believe may come. You need to shift your center of attention from your feelings of being incomplete towards feelings of abundance and gratitude. You need to have faith in your future, yourself, and in the universe, and believe that you can do whatever changes you want in your life.

Imagine a better life
Maintaining and building an image visually of the things you want in your life instead of putting attention to the things that you don’t want are very powerful tools to be able to use the law of attraction successfully and attract positive opportunity. You need to create a detailed list of all the things that you want in life. You need to sit down every day and imagine what your new life will look like and how it will feel to have those changes.

Feel, think and act
Another way in order to use the law of attraction effectively is to be sure that your feelings, your thoughts, and your behavior all focus on the goals that you have, rather than focus on your frustrations in your situation, or any other negative feelings you might have. You also need to keep yourself optimistic and engage yourself in visualizations everyday that will reflect the life that you want. Never stop focusing and believing, but you need to work on your action plan. If you do these things, you need to find and make rapid strides towards the life that you dream of having.

In order to use the law of attraction successfully you need to have great determination and hard work. The law of attraction is a great tool to achieve the life that you want for yourself. Just trust the universe for you to be able to use the law of attraction properly and effectively. Just be patient and never give up. If you fail once, it is fine, you can still do more. There are still more chances and opportunities to become successful. Never be upset if the things that you want won’t happen immediately. Remember there is always a right time for everything, and all things work together for good.

Personal Development Simplicity of Life and Work – Taking It One Step at a Time

The simplicity of balancing life and work.

Without the knowledge of personal development we tend to complicate things and rush in wanting to get everything done in our lives, wanting to see fast results in our business or with our work because we set in our minds that time is of the essence. This only leaves us with feelings of being overwhelmed, discouraged and in return we just want to give up, go back to bed and hide in the covers. We need to take things one step at a time.

It’s time to wake up to the wonderful world that is in front of us!

If you’re reading this you’re searching for a better way, a better way to manage your time to be able to enjoy life, enjoy your family, enjoy the things that you are passionate about; a better way to work in order to receive what you want out of life, right?!

There comes a time in our lives when we are so fed up with the results we are seeing that we are searching for a way, anyway. We pray to god for the answers, we vent to friends, we cry and we even search google haha…it’s true isn’t it?!

I remember being in a depressed state 15 years ago…I stopped believing in god, stopped praying, took of my cross and things were bad. When I finally decided that enough was enough, I put my cross back on and started to pray to our almighty father. I had this belief inside of me that something has to turn around, it had to! I asked myself…

Don’t you want to be somebody? Don’t you want to feel important? Don’t you want to go places, see wonderful things? Don’t you want to make people smile? Don’t you want to genuinely smile? Don’t you want to wake up in the morning happy and go to bed happy? Don’t you want to make more money to be able to do the things you want in life???


That’s when I surprisingly I was given my first book on personal development “Beyond Potential” By Steve Stephano”…Amazing! From that moment, I craved more knowledge in Personal Development, I became an addict seriously! haha. I saw a new light. My hopes and dreams came back to life and I was ready to take on whatever come my way in my journey to a happy life. BUT, I took one step at a time…

The Importance of Personal Development

Personal development, self help, personal growth…whatever you want to call it. This does not mean that you are crazy and you need a shrink; it means you love yourself and care about your happiness and of those around you! So congrats! You are entering into a wonderful journey of self awareness, unlimited possibilites!

The Idealist is a person who has a vision. A person who knows there is more to life than what we can see with our own two eyes. These are the type of people who are tend to be open to personal development. Every child is an Idealist, they have a wonderful imagination and there’s no limit to what they can do in their minds. It’s the programming from our parents, society and the media as we age that starts to set realist traits in our subconscious minds. But, for the true Idealist, we know that there has to be more and we will search to find the answer…

This will cripple you from achieving anything that you want out of life. It stems from not knowing how and when things are going to happen, and you don’t need to. Erasing worry from your life will erase stress from your life. People tend to worry about things that are out of their control, if you have no control over a situation wouldn’t it be better to flip that energy into faith. Releasing a positive energy out to the universe to let things manifest in a pleasing way.

With fear comes imagined situations in your mind that hasn’t even happened yet, but what you may not realizing is by placing these images of fear into your mind you are only manifesting more like situations to occur in your life. People tend to fear things that they don’t know, so they refrain from making decisions that could possibly change their lives for the better. You only hold yourself back from greatness when you live in fear.

When we replace worry and fear with faith and belief, the only thing left is to realize that the timing for what we want out of life isn’t really up to us. You see when you have a clear vision of what you want in your mind and you believe you can and will have it, you have faith in the universe that people, places, situations and events will present itself to you, and you have a burning desire to start taking action on what it is you want….the universe will do the rest of the work. The universe will align everything up for you, behind the scenes, which you can’t see to make it happen! We aren’t smart enough to know ‘how’ or ‘when’ things are going to happen; that’s not our job.

When we learn to relax, have patience and belief that what we want WILL happen, when the time is right…that’s when magic happens, that’s when things start to manifest.

Learning about Personal Development and improving your own self- image is not done by reading one book. This is a life long learning process and it takes one step at a time. It takes reading, learning and APPLYING every day of your life. As you apply the teachings your will start to see it working in your life. You will start to see things manifest right before your eyes. You will start to realize how powerful your mind and energy really is. This is when you will become AWARE! and great things will happen!

Book Recommendations to Start Your Journey:

The New Psycho Cybernetics – By Maxwell Maltz
Manifesting Change – By Mike Dooley
Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
Balancing Life and Work

You need to create a system that works in your home and with work. Balancing with a system is creating simplicity. It’s creating a energy flow that works! You know what needs to be done in your life and with work. If you feeling overwhelmed, write it out on paper, set out a plan, create a system and take action. When your life and work is in order, you’ll have a clearer mind, be more at ease and have wiped out the clutter in your life to allow greatness to enter. You can decide what you want to keep in your life and what you don’t need anymore.

Remember: This is YOUR life. YOU need to be happy, in order to allow greatness to come into YOUR life. YOU need to feel good in order for anything to manifest for you.

Write out what your priorities are

What needs to be done
Set out a plan
Create a system
Take Action

If what we’re doing isn’t working how we want it to, keep believing and try going down a new road. If we fear a new direction because of lack of knowledge, have faith and start learning something new, educate yourself. You see, when you’re open to learning new things, you are creating opportunities for yourself that may just be the answer your looking for; it may just match up with your burning desire that you hold in your heart.

3 Things Everyone Should Stop Doing to Live a Simpler Life

There is much to be said about living a simple life. The first of which is that in search of this simplicity, we tend to inevitably create complex situations. This pursuit then defeats the purse it was supposed to serve in the first place. Nevertheless, the good thing is that simplicity is not a myth and it is not impossible to attain, we simply need to know how to prioritize our lives and everyday tasks.

At the same time let’s dispel a myth. It is often misconstrued that living a simple life means the giving up of all material comforts or luxuries for a life similar to that worthy of being in a convent or monastery – this is really and truly not the case. Victoria Moran puts it perfectly in her book, €Lit from Within: Tending Your Soul For Lifelong Beauty€ when she wrote, €A simple life is not seeing how little you can live with- that is poverty.€

A simple life is about how clear you are on your priorities and how easily you can dispose of the things that do not support them. We need to remember at the same time, that simplifying our lives is the first step towards the much sought after state of being in total equanimity.

Here then without further adieu, are three things you should stop doing in order to live a simple life:

1) Stop Over Thinking Things

Shaun Hick wrote the simple truth in €The Ghost and Its Shadow€ when he said, € You’re a clever strategist, but not all battles require tricks. Sometimes the simplest way to kill something is to swim up to it and bite it in half.€

That being said, it has become learnt human nature to think, rethink and and over think what you rethought for situations that do not mandate this. In the process you grow grey hairs and build elaborate mountain ranges out of simple mole hills. There are few habits as addicted and equally destructive to both mental health and physical well being, such as over thinking. We lose sleep for days and weeks only to find the situation could have been fixed in a mere five minutes, then we call ourselves idiots and promise not to do it again yet we do the next time a situation presents itself.

Can you see how this is counter-productive?

Over thinking leads to what can be called €action paralysis’, where we get so caught up in thinking and wishing the problem would go away that we fail to take the necessary actions for this to happen. When a situation arises, quickly put it into perspective and address it immediately. If it is a small decision give yourself a 1-5 minute deadline to decide. For a slightly bigger issue, an hour or two should be more than enough. For decisions of a life changing nature a week or just a few days should do. But for the love of your sanity, please do not sit and think you are doomed to hell. Positive thinking and do so quickly, deal with the issue and move on.

Like Elizabeth Gaskell wrote in €North and South€, €Thinking has, many a time, made me sad, darling; but doing never did in all my life€¦.My precept is do something€¦.at any rate, do something.€

You will see how much simpler your life will become.

2) Stop Taking Things and People for Granted

It is no secret that as human beings we have what seems like an infinite capacity for taking things for granted. We often don’t notice how beautiful the day is until it starts to rain, and all our beautiful outdoor plans are ruined. We do not tend to notice the security guard in our building who always smiles until a far less amiable one replaces him. The beauty of Spring’s flowers blooming often escapes us until winter comes a calling, and we just wish spring would hurry up and get there. The one that never fails to amaze is how we take the gift of life itself and the people in it for granted until someone dies. Only with the pain of death does gratitude for life tend to come. That’s when perspective hits home and gratitude overflows.

Can you see how ungrateful and sad this really is?

The laws of the universe, in simple terms, teach that if you take the time out to show gratitude and appreciation as well as to acknowledge the small beauties around us, the they will be multiplied. If you don’t believe this then try taking time out of your hustle and bustle to enjoy the smell of spring the kaleidoscope colours of Autumn, that man on the corner who always greets you with a smile and see just how much better your days will be.

Taking time out to be thankful for your small blessings will make the negatives pale in comparison. Soon you will find life to be far simpler, and you will mentally be in a better place to handle anything that comes your way.

Like Charles Dickens said, € Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty; not upon past misfortunes, of which all men have some.€

3) Stop Ignoring Yourself

In a technologically dependent era where every latest development is focused on allowing us greater access to each other through social media, the €self’ is almost always forgotten. Couple that with the fact that our lives often make demands of us which require our time and energy and you find the €self’ takes a back burner, at least until sleep demands some attention.

Can you see how unhealthy this is?

Silence and solitude are two things often misunderstood and taken for granted, but are two things that are extremely important regardless of how pressing your responsibilities are. K.T.Jong poetically puts alone time into perspective by saying, €It is only when we silent the blaring sounds of our daily existence that we can finally hear the whispers of truth that life reveals to us, as it stands knocking on the doorsteps of our hearts.€

Psychologist and physicians have long since stressed the importance of alone time for mental, emotional and physical health. It gives us time to unwind and rejuvenate ourselves, both physically and otherwise. Take for example when you have a headache or a particularly difficult day, how a few minutes of peace and quiet does away with the frenzied feel, and you instantly begin to feel better. Embracing solitude also allows you to be better able to understand yourself and where you want to be in life. This in turn helps to simplify your life by being able to see what does not work and how best to get rid of it or remedy the situation.

Schedule a few hours each day or even 30 minutes where you simply sit in quiet solitude. It is a form of meditation that will do you a world of good.

Life has a tendency of getting complicated, it is up to us to breathe, slow it down and simplify things. You will find greater peace is to be had when things are kept simple.